Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jindie Nails Barney Blew Up

Barney Blew Up is one of Jindie Nails newest polishes. It is beautiful! So happy I got this at the last restock it sold out very quickly! I love that it has the purple and green larger neon hexes in it that are in candyland and swoon!
Barney Blew Up has a light purple base with tons of different glitter! It has white and silver hexes in different sizes, small purple squares, tiny purple hexes, larger neon purple and green hexes, smaller neon green hexes, and white hearts!
The formula was great and very easy to apply even with it being packed with glitter. The hearts were easier to get out after turning it upside down for a minute. This was opaque in 3 coats.
This is 3 coats of Barney Blew Up with 2 coats of Seche topcoat.
Indoors with Flash.


You can buy Jindie Nails polishes on Etsy, Llarowe, and Mei Mei's Signatures

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